I am a Dancer’s Wellness & Empowerment Coach, Yoga Therapy Teacher & all round life enthusiast. My mission is to help TRANSFORM the way in which Dancers take care of themselves whilst training & performing within the high pressured Industry of the Arts. 

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Phoebe Richard Alston

Initially, my journey into Yoga began as a support to my dance career and training. With a primary focus on the physical practice of yoga, my main focus was to strengthen my joints and support my injuries whilst touring on the stage.

Up until 2018, dance had always provided me with a way to express myself, however after finishing a long musical contract on the West End & Toronto, I felt there was a disconnect between my soul and the dance industry. I struggled to maintain authenticity, I had slipped back into feeling extremely depressed, and I had no sense of who I was and why I was doing what I was doing.

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In search for more, in 2018 I journeyed to Australia & Bali where  I completed my Level 1 Surf Instructors Qualification & my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga EastWest. During this time I believe I found my calling in life. I found reasoning behind my movement again, a new sport and a new approach to training my body that felt healthier & more authentic. Above all, I found a passion to bring more wellness into other people’s lives in the way that my teachers had done in mine.

Yoga For Dancers Programme

After travelling the world the past 2 years teaching Dance, Surf & Yoga, in the midst of 2020 lockdown, I created my 4 week online course TRANSFORM- Yoga for Dancers. This course has been my give back to an industry I once fell out of love with, in order to be a part of a movement of change within the Arts.

After successfully running the first course in September, I aim to continue helping more dancers, with the mission to bring more wellness to the industry & to grow a community of support for dancers & performers. 

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